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Meet ILEA Chicago Member - Frank Andonoplas of Frank Event Design


Who/ what inspired you to go into event planning?
I was a banker when I helped a friend plan her wedding. I have had a thing for weddings since I was a kid is an understatement. Then she told another friend, and then I helped her. I talked about starting a part time business for months, till my now husband surprised me and installed a business line as part of my Christmas present. “Quit talking about, and do it!” Weddings and Events are truly my passion. The rest is history.

Tell us one thing we might not learn about you right away?
I am a very emotional and caring guy.
What do you love the most about what you do?
Knowing I made a family’s special event memorable. The thank you notes I received are priceless. I still have every single one.

Where did you grow up?
The Southwest Side of Chicago, neighborhood of Garfield Ridge.

What's your event gone wrong horror story?
Every event has one. Really hard to pick just one after 27 years in the industry. Wait for the book! I am writing one.

What made you interested in participating in ILEA? 
I was very active many years ago, On the board for many years, and even co-chaired a very successful NICE Awards. Then something hurtful happened that led me to step away entirely. But I am back!

Connect with Frank:
Instagram: Frank Event Design

LinkedIN: Frank J. Andonoplas

Facebook: Frank Event Design