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New Referral Tracking Program


The ILEA Greater Chicago chapter has initiated a Referral Tracking Program to better assist our membership in tracking overall ROI. Through a very simple form, linked here, you can submit referrals and closed business that have come from other ILEA members! This form can be used for referrals from members of ILEA Chicago or other ILEA chapters.

How will this help? Each quarter we’ll be able to calculate:

  • How many referrals were passed between members
  • The dollar value of closed business achieved within the membership group
  • Average dollar value of closed business

This information can then best inform how powerful our Greater Chicago chapter truly is and assist in showing the ROI of membership. Suddenly the idea of approaching your boss or owner of your company with the request for membership dues each year will become very easy!

Of course this program is only as strong as our membership makes it. We will do our due diligence of including the form in all communications out to the chapter to ensure this is readily available and at the forefront of your mind! The form will be at the bottom of emails and frequently referenced by the membership team. And it will be open all year round, so as new referrals are received, you can pop into the form and complete at any time!

REFERRAL TRACKING PROGRAM (click here to access)

Please feel free to reach out to the membership team with any questions at